• Unfriend (remove Facebook friend from your friendlist)
  • Cyberstalking (use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group, or an organization)
  • Frape (combination of the words Facebook and Rape. The act of raping someones Facebook profile when they leave it logged in)
  • Phobbing (combination of the words Phone and Mobbing. Mobbing and excluding someone who has no phone at hand)
  • Facestalking (to look at pictures, read profile information, and check the status of an individual on Facebook. It can ranges from a good friend to someone who you have never actually met)
  • FOMO (fear of missing out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website)
  • IGERS (short for Instagrammers)
  • Tweeps (Twitter people)
  • Chillax (chill and relax)
  • Crew (group of friends)
  • Creeper (socially invasive person)
  • Deets (details)
  • Buzzworthy (worthy of popular attention)

Chat Slang

  • 2 (to)
  • u (you)
  • y (why)
  • b4 (before)
  • 4ever (forever)
  • bestie (best friend)
  • bff (best friends forever)
  • btw (by the way)
  • wtf (what the fuck)
  • cya (see you)
  • thx (thanks)
  • psl (please)
  • sry (sorry)
  • gotcha (I got you)
  • bday (birthday)
  • asap (as soon as possible)
  • xo (kiss and hug)
  • ermahgerd (oh my gosh)
  • yolo (you only live once)
  • rofl (rolling on floor laughing)
  • lol (laughing out loud)


  • #TBT Throwback Thursday
    (weekly social media posting theme where the “throwback” theme can pertain to basically anything that happened in the past)
  • #OOTD Outfit of the Day
    (hashtag is used to support a picture of yourself in a smashing new outfit)
  • #OOTN Outfit of the Night
    (hashtag is used to support a picture of yourself in a glamourous new outfit at night)
  • #MCM Man Crush Monday
    (it refers to someone you look up to. Men use the hashtag on Monday to support someone who they admire or look up to)
  • #WCW Woman Crush Wednesday
    (it refers to the hashtag MCM, see above. Women use the hashtag on Wednesday to share on whom they have a crush on)
  • #vscoam VSCO Camera
    (refers to the VSCO camera app, supported by Visual Supply Company)
  • #SS Selfie Sunday
    (when someone takes a picture of oneself and post it on Sunday)
  • #sepanx Seperation Anxiety
    (anxiety regarding separation from places or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment)
  • #FF Follow Friday
    (aim of getting people to follow one another. If you want someone to follow a musician or friend, simply tweet out a message listing their username along with the hashtag)